Hangar 9 is proud to introduce the next giant-scale gem, the Extra 300 35%. In this next generation Extra, the Extra 300 boasts a re-engineered structure, consisting of lightweight balsa and plywood with a carbon fiber wing tube and double spar wing design, for better performance and durability. Featuring a built-in tuned pipe and canister tunnel for a variety of exhaust options, and a mount to simply bolt on a DA-100 or DA-120cc engine, the Extra 300 35% is easily assembled for less time building and more time flying. Out on the field, this gem screams class, elegance and excitement with its flush-mounted cowl and hidden screws, fiberglass canopy hatch and Hangar 9 UltraCote® covering in a red, white and silver with decals for the best finish.

Product Features

  • Double spar box wing construction for incredible strength
  • Mike McConville design - purposefully designed for top aerobatic flight performance
  • Carbon fiber wing tube provides very strong and lightweight construction
  • Built-in tuned pipe and canister tunnel ready to accept a variety of exhaust options
  • Flush mounted cowl with hidden screws for a clean and professional look
  • Fiberglass canopy hatch delivers a smooth painted finish
  • Ready to mount for the DA-100 or DA-120 engine - no drilling necessary, simply bolt on.
  • Top quality Hangar 9 UltraCote covering for the best finish


Wingspan: 105 in (2.65m) Overall Length: 98.0 in (2.50m) Wing Area: 2003 sq in (129 sq dm) Flying Weight: 27.0-30.0 lb (12.2-13.6kg) Engine Size: 100cc-120cc gas engine Radio: 4 channel minimum Servos: 8 required Trim Scheme Colors: White (U870), True Red (U866), Silver (U881) CG (center of gravity): 3-3/4 inch back from LE at wing tip Wing Loading: 31.1 oz/sq ft Prop Size: 27 to 29 inch Spinner Size: 4-1/2 inch Recommended Battery: Receiver battery: 2500mAh x2 or higher Flaps: No Retracts: No Control Throw (Ailerons): Low: 22°, 40% expo; High: 40°, 55% expo Control Throw (Elevator): Low: 12°, 40% expo; High: 45°, 70% expo Control Throw (Rudder): Low: 25°, 40% expo; High: 45°, 45% expo Scale: 35% Steering: Yes Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years Experience Level: Advanced Recommended Environment: Outdoor Assembly Time: 20+Hours Is Assembly Required: Yes