The SIG Four-Star 40 has been the "second airplane" of choice for thousands of modelers since its introduction in 1989. With it's low wing, semi-symmetrical airfoil, and a wing loading that would make most trainers proud, the Four-Star takes you to the next level with all the free-style aerobatics and whoop-dee-doos your thumbs can conjure up. It's been a great learning tool for advancing R/C pilots.

This new 4-STAR 54 EG ARF is a redesign of the original Four-Star 40 ARF, starting with the new name. The "54" in the name indicates the wingspan, which is more appropriate in today's R/C world than referring to the glow engine size.

The "EG" means the airplane is designed for either Electric or Glow Power. The 4-STAR 54 EG flies well with a 2-stroke glow engine, a 4-stroke glow engine, or a brushless outrunner electric motor with a 3-4 cell lipo battery.

It's your choice!

Tech Notes

Other important upgrades in the new 4-STAR 54 include:

  • Clipped wings! The original Four-Star had a 59 in. wingspan. This new version is 54 in. Shortening the wing has been a common modification that 4-Star pilots have been doing for many years, simply by cutting off the last rib bay at the tip of each wing panel. The clipped wing improves the roll rate and overall maneuverability, with no loss of the original 4-Star stability and slow flight characteristics. It still lands like a trainer!
  • All the control surfaces (ailerons, elevator, and rudder) have been enlarged for better control response at slow speeds.
  • Includes a new streamlined "Racing Style" Canopy. That's another change that many 4-Star pilots have been making on their own for many years. However, if you still prefer the traditional bubble shaped Four-Star canopy, you can still get that as an option. They both fit perfectly!
  • Other upgrades include a molded Fiberglass Cowling and a removable Hatch on top of the fuselage for quick access to the battery/tank compartment. Also the top of the fuselage between the canopy and the fin (the turtle deck) is now fully sheeted with balsa for smoother appearance and greater strength.
  • The 4-STAR 54 EG is a beautifully handcrafted all-wood ARF. This ARF is engineered for quick assembly with a minimal number of components. All the parts are CAD-drawn, laser cut, and jig assembled, so everything fits the way it should.
  • Professionally covered with premium UltraCote (aka Oracover ) polyester covering material. Available in yellow or red base colors with complete factory applied markings.


Wing Span: 54 in. 1372 mm
Wing Area: 585 in2 37.7 dm2
Length: 47.5 in. 1206 mm
Flying Weight: 5 - 5.5 lbs. 2268 - 2495 g
Wing Loading: 19.7 - 21.7 oz./ft2 60 - 66 g/dm2
Radio Req.: 4-Channel with 5 Standard Servos (glow) 4-Channel with 4 Standard Servos (electric)
Fly with Electric or Glow Power!
Glow Power: 2-Stroke .40-.46 in3 6.5-7.5 cc
4-Stroke .40-.54 in3 6.5-8.8 cc
Electric Power: 500-800 watt 800-1000 kv
Brushless Motor 60-75A Speed Control (ESC) 3-4S 4000-5000mah Lipo Battery Pack