Product Features

1.Electric Power System 2.All metal main blade control system, resulting in enhanced durability and control precision. 3.High quality prepainted fiberglass canopy. 4.CNC machined main gear for excellent balance and stability. 5.High speed thrust bearings in the tail blade grips. 6.Redesigned collective control arms for increase smoothness. 7.High efficiency torque tube drive system. 8.2mm high strength low weight carbon frames for easier assembly and maintance. 9.Carbon Fiber Tail Blades 10.Fully Driven Tail Auto Rotation System 11.Rear Tail Servo Mount 12.10mm Hollow Main Shaft, 8mm Spindle Users must have a certain concept of security to operate the R/C helicopters. Be sure to read and comply with related safety notes of instruction manual before flying.


  • T-REX 600ESP Kits set X1 set
  • 600D Carbon fiber blade X1
  • Fiberglass canopy X1
  • Standard Landing skid X1
  • RCE-BL100G 100A Brushless ESC(Govener Mode) X1
  • REC-B6X External BEC X1
  • 5.1V Two-way step-down voltage regulatorX1
  • Li-Polymer 7.4V 1900mAh 18C For BEC X1
  • 600M Brushless motor X1
  • GP780 Head Lock Gyro X1
  • DS610 Digital Servo X3
  • DS620 Digital Servo X1


  • Length:1160mm(45.67 in)
  • Height:400mm(15.75 in)
  • Main Blade Length:600mm
  • Main Rotor Diameter:1350mm(53.15 in)
  • Tail Rotor:240mm(9.45 in)
  • Motor Drive Gear:14T(15T optional)
  • Main Drive Gear:170T
  • Autorotation Tail Drive Gear:180T
  • Tail Drive Gear:40T
  • Drive Gear Ratio:1:12.14:4.5/1:11.33:4.5
  • Weight(w/o main blade):2450g(5.4 lbs)
  • Flying Weight:Approx 3300g(7.3 lbs)
  • Color carton:64.8x28.7x11.3cm
  • Outer carton:66.5x58.5x36.5cm ,6sets/ctn