The HobbyZone® Glasair® Sportsman® airplane is a 4-channel model that anyone can learn to fly. Even if you've never been at the controls of an RC model before, smooth control and assistance provided by its sophisticated electronics make RC flight simple and fun. Champion pilot Mike McConville designed the Glasair Sportsman model to be beginner-friendly, which means it's extra tough so that you can keep flying longer. Plus, it is loaded with other great features that make it an outstanding first plane.


Virtual Instructor™ technology simplifies the complexity of of RC flight so even new pilots with no experience can enjoy flying. Key features of Virtual Instructor technology that help you be successful on your first flight include:

Flight Assistance

Wing leveling gently returns the wings to level when the aileron stick is released. If you become confused while flying, release the sticks and the aircraft will return to level flight.

Stability Assistance

Electronic 2-axis damping moderates the effect of wind turbulence and provides stability in most flight maneuvers so that it is easier to fly through wind gusts.

Turning Assistance

Bank limiting prevents the aircraft from entering a spiral by decreasing control input automatically, even if you become confused and hold the wrong turn input.

Control Assistance

Active mixing responds to your aileron stick movements and automatically gives proper rudder and elevator inputs to make turns smooth and coordinated.

Product Features

  • Easy to assemble in minutes
  • Everything you need to fly is in the box
  • Full 4-channel control with working throttle, ailerons, elevator and rudder
  • Versatile Spektrum™ DSMX® transmitter can also be used to fly other BNF aircraft (sold separately)
  • Progressive Virtual Instructor™ technology makes learning to fly easy
  • Brushless electric power delivers smooth, efficient and quiet performance
  • Impact-resistant, durable Z-Foam™ construction
  • High-capacity Li-Po battery provides long flight times on a single charge
  • Tricycle gear provides easier handling on the ground
  • Officially licensed