The Piper Cherokee's quick building and excellent handling make this model a great choice for the beginners as well as the sport flyer. With tricycle landing gear and a steerable nose wheel, the Piper Cherokee's superior ground handling produces easy take-offs and landings. It's computer designed High-Lift airfoil gives the Piper Cherokee outstanding performance while providing solid stability.

This fine model will provide hours of big airplane enjoyment on a small model budget and allows no hassle transportation to and from the flying field. The Piper Cherokee can use standard servos but smaller airborne radio components allow a significant weight savings that directly enhances the models outstanding performance.


2-3 Channel R/C 3 channel recommended
Wingspan 42 in (1067 mm)
Area 293.2 in² (18.9 dm²)
Weight 19 oz (539 g)
Wing Load 9.3 oz/ft² (2838 g/m²)
Engine .049 - .061 in³ (.8 - .99 cm³)
Removeable landing gear