Looking for a handsome, easy to fly trainer with a scale appearance? Multiplex brings you the MiniMag. Conveniently sized to be flown in a small area and transported with very little effort, the MiniMag is constructed of durable ELAPOR Foam and has the option to add aileron control for enhanced flight characteristics. The MiniMag Receiver Ready is perfect for the Pilot who already has a radio system. Most of the model is already assembled with the flight gear installed, just add receiver and a battery and you’re ready to go.

The Easy Glider RR version includes the following components preinstalled for your convenience:

Permax Speed 400 Motor MULTIcont X-16 Speed Controller 2 x Nano-S Servos Requires: 3 Channel Transmitter, Receiver and Power Pack for Completion

Product Features

  • Made from durable Elapor foam
  • Optional aileron control for enhanced flight
  • Includes Permax Speed 400 motor, MULTIcont X-16 speed controller and 2 x Nano-S servos
  • Optional floats sold separately
  • Takes off and lands from a hard surface with the included landing gear