The P-47D-40 Thunderbolt 30cc from Hangar 9 features a true to scale outline that fans of WWII warbirds will love with a ton of optional details to increase the level of realism. With its wide stance, this bird offers great ground handling capabilities for a WWII airplane, and delivers the performance and handling in the air that customers have come to expect from Hangar 9.

The P-47D-40 comes with several scale features out of the box, such as a fiberglass cowl, flaps, scale looking wing guns, a dummy engine, a top access hatch with hidden switches and three different sets of decals for a customized, clean look. Designed to use Robart retracts, the P-47’s scale details can be further enhanced with options like the full depth cockpit tub and retractable tail wheel assembly. The P-47D-40 30cc is EP (electric power) capable with separately available parts, should the customer want to run with an electric powerplant.

Product Features

  • Accurate scale outline makes it appealing to scale enthusiasts
  • Two piece plug in wings
  • Full function flaps for enhanced flight characteristics and realism
  • Wing guns, dummy engine, and scale historical trim scheme
  • Optional full depth cockpit tub
  • Fiberglass cowl with hidden cowl screws maintain the scale fidelity and look
  • Compatible with a variety of powerplant options, allowing the consumer to choose glow, gas or EP


Wingspan: 81.25 in (210 cm) Overall Length: 71.0 in (180 cm) Wing Area: 1165 sq. in. (75.1 sq. dm.) Flying Weight: 16.0 - 19.0 lbs (7.30-8.60 kg) Engine Size: 1.60-2.10 2-stroke; 1.80-2.20 4-stroke; 26-40cc gas Motor Size: Power 160 Radio: 6 channel minimum radio system Trim Scheme Colors: Silver (U881), Cub Yellow (U884), Black (U874), Olive Drab (U904), Deep Red (U871) Flaps: Yes Retracts: Yes Minimum Age Recommendation: 14 years Experience Level: Advanced Recommended Environment: Outdoor Assembly Time: 20+Hours Is Assembly Required: Yes