With the ParkMaster 3D you can now fly aerobatics outdoors just like you do indoors! Designed by world renowned R/C pilot and German Indoor Aerobatics Champion, Martin Muller, the ParkMaster is built from the ultra durable ELAPOR® foam making it tough enough for everyday flying. The PARKMASTER 3D can also be flown outdoors in moderate wind, something you can’t do with your typical indoor “foamy” models”. When built out with the optional Flight (#M999233) and Power (M#993233) the ParkMaster 3D will have all the power and control need to fly the most difficult 3D maneuvers.

Product Features

  • Pre-fabricated molded ELAPOR® foam parts
  • Fully 3-D capable
  • Ultra Low Wing Loading
  • Ideal for Honing Your 3D skills


Wingspan: 39 in. Overall Length: 40 in. Flying Weight: 21 oz. Prop Size: 10 x 4.7 Speed Control : 17 - 27 amp