The new SIG Rascal 110 ARF kit offers you one of the largest, easiest to fly R/C model airplanes ever. The quality of this product is second to none and will likely become the new standard for all other manufacturers to follow. The Rascal 110 ARF is a true "giant-scale", IMAA-size sport model that provides outstanding flying characteristics, using a wide range of engines, including two and four-stroke glow engines, as well as smaller gas engines.

The design follows the extremely popular Sig Rascal kit, the Rascal ARF and the newer Rascal 40 ARF. The scale-like lines are decidedly from the "Golden Age" of aviation, making the airplane so realistic in appearance, it could be easily mistaken for a full-scale aircraft out of the thirties or post-WWII era.

Product Features

  • Hand-crafted balsa and ply construction
  • High-quality fiberglass cowl
  • Factory-painted fiberglass wheel pants, pre-aligned and ready to install
  • Molded, factory-installed clear plastic windshield
  • Molded "pop-in" side windows
  • Factory-painted, heavy-duty dural aluminum main landing gear
  • Factory-painted, scale-like aluminum wing struts - pre-drilled and ready to install
  • 2-piece wing with massive aluminum wing joiner for easy transportation and storage
  • Scale-like aluminum tailwheel assembly
  • Individual aileron servo set-up
  • Pull-pull rudder system
  • Big 450cc fuel tank
  • Complete, high-quality hardware, including large fiber-filled motor mounts, SIG spinner, wheels, and all required nuts, bolts, clevises and pushrod links
  • Expertly covered in either Transparent Blue and White or Transparent Red and White Aerokote
  • Fully illustrated assembly manual assures fast, accurate assembly in about 6-8 hours
  • Beautiful 4-color Mylar decal sheet, loaded with scale-like details


The Rascal 110 ARF is the perfect aircraft for onboard video or camera work. Properly powered, it would make a great glider tug and using off-the-shelf lighting systems, it makes a great R/C night flyer.

Specifications of the Rascal ARF 110
Wingspan: 110 in 2794 mm
Wing Area: 1522 in² 98.2 dm²
Length overall: 75- 3/4 in 1924 mm
Flying Weight: 11 -13 lbs 5000 - 5900 g
Radio Required: 4 Channel, 5 Servos
Recommended Engines: 1.2-1.5 in³ (19.7 - 24.6 cm³) 2-Stroke 1.2-1.8 in³ (19.7 - 29.5 cm³) 4-Stroke 1.3-1.5 in³ (21 - 25 cm³) Gasoline