Our Hours

Tuesday - Friday 11:00 am - 7:00 pm

Saturday 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Raceway Rules

All persons on the property are responsible for themselves, their kids and all their possessions. D&D Hobby Shop and all officials and/or employees of D&D Hobby Shop cannot be held responsible for any form of injury to themselves or their kids, broken, lost, stolen,or damaged possessions.

Enter and use at your own risk………..

  1. Safety is our main concern!! Anyone acting in any form of unsafe manner may be ask to leave the property if the unsafe actions do not stop.
  2. Anyone is welcome to use the tracks at anytime during D&D Hobby Shop’s hours of operation.
  3. No RC car needs to be driven in Pit area. We have two tracks, a pond, and a lot of open land to play or test drive cars.
  4. Being that we have two tracks while one is racing, the opposite track will be open for drivers as long as it’s not being raced on that day and as long as there is no problem on the driver stand with the drivers that are racing.
  5. Drivers ONLY on driver stand at all times during a race. No playing kids or spectators on stand at anytime.
  6. The track side of the pit is a very dangerous spot on the track. No one is allowed on pit lane while there is a car on the track. Stepping over the wall during a race may result in disqualification of pit man or driver of that heat.
  7. After a driver races, it is his/her turn to marshal the next race. Any driver that can’t make it to the track after they race needs to find a replacement to take their spot. Marshals do not touch a car that has tires spinning under power.
  8. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!! Gas drivers, if your car won’t run upside down long enough MAKE IT!! If you can’t, then get with Brady and we’ll fix it.
  9. There will be no FIGHTING, ALCOHOL, DRUGS, ARGUING amongst drivers or with the track Officials. No GAMBLING, CHEATING, or use of FOUL language while women or kids are in sight.
  10. Any driver with or without sponsorship from any type of company, by online or store front hobby shop, will be encouraged to advertise by wearing T-shirts, hats, pants, shoes, or have a body painted as the advertisement.

If there are any problems with any rules not being followed while at this track, the track official will attempt to resolve the issue. If resolution cannot be reached, party/parties may be ask to leave the premises. If you have a problem with another driver, consult with Brady or designee and we will resolve the problem. DO NOT TAKE IT INTO YOUR OWN HANDS.

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